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Developer Experience Sprint Report

Wojciech Trocki
Hi everyone,

In this sprint DevExp tam were mainly focusing on:

- Making "Mongo Express" production ready (expect awesome blog post soon)
- Kickstarting community actions
- Collecting feedback from various groups including RHMAP consulting
- Improvements around UX/UI - especially around project creation screen.

For the next sprint we going to focus on:

-  Documenting and sharing ideas future of our fh-fhc toolbox (improving our cmd tooling)
-  Improving UI/UX around projects area
-  Improving community guidelines and open-source projects
-  .. or whatever community would tell us to do


I would like to personally thank Emilio for finishing our Mongo Express feature.
Huge thanks for Peter for starting various conversations about UI/UX improvements in studio and improving community interactions. Great job guys!

Scrum report:

Retrospective report:

We decided to document our retrospectives in one google document to have quick look into previous goals. 

Document shared here:

Wojciech Trocki
Software Engineer, Red Hat Mobile

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