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Developer Experience Sprint Summary

David Martin
Hi Mobile folks,

A few highlights from the Developer Experience team this sprint.

- Plenty more studio bug fixes & enhancements, lined up for 3.16. Check the Sprint Report for more details. A very short video clip of the newly add Project Description can be seen here

- We've updated and clarified the licenses across a large number of the template apps & services. This should remove any confusion as the license in package.json should match the LICENSE file in all cases now. By default, we'll use an Apache 2.0 license. However, in some cases there may be an MIT style license in place. We're happy to keep those as MIT.

- We're hooking into Stack Overflow as a way of doing community support. To see more about this, check out this video and the mailing list discussion here

- Watch this space for updates to soon. We're hoping the pending updates will make the community message clearer as a whole (wrt RHMAP), and make it more accessible to community involvement with an improved community page. To get involved and keep track of any updates, check out the mailing list thread here

Feedback and questions always welcome
The full Sprint report can be found here:

David Martin
Red Hat Mobile
Twitter: @irldavem
IRC: @irldavem (feedhenry, mobile-internal)

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