Feedhenry Sync can be used now as fully independent solution

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Feedhenry Sync can be used now as fully independent solution

Wojciech Trocki
Hi everyone

I'm delighted to announce that FeedHenry sync is now available as separate project.
Entire migration process was executed and managed entirely by 
FeedHenry community.

What was done:

Both the Sync Server and JavaScript client have been de-coupled from the RHMAP platform - these libraries can now be used outside of RHMAP for any project that requires sync.

Decoupling enabled us to execute various experiments

- Use different storage solutions for clients (sqllite etc.) 

- Applying security and roles to sync based api. 

I would like to thank everyone involved in work, verification and PR reviews. 

Migration was done using GitHub issues rather than Jira. 
Thanks to that we immediately got feedback from developers outside our group and in my personal opinion this improved a lot overall community interaction.

What's next:

- Improvements for community documentation and getting started experience
Looking for volunteers. 

- Blogging and more community awareness 
Blog post and wider community actions coming soon. 

- Extract code from Android and IOS SDK 
In progress by myself, but looking for volunteers

- Updates to feedhenry.org
On hold - planed by devexp team 

I think we may also need to figure out more "catchy" name and logo for sync. 




Red Hat Mobile

IM: wtrocki

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