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Java 9 updates

Matthias Wessendorf-2

I am trying to get a POM/BOM that supports out java projects w/ JDK9 support. For that I've created a new branch:

This branch uses a jboss-parent that bumps the versions to those maven plugins that already did include java9 support (e.g. maven-compiler-plugin:3.7.0).

Since this is a major change, I've updated the version of the parent, on that branch, to 2.0.0 

For now, the master continues to support 'legacy' JDKs, such as Java8 - once the branch is stable and we should merge the changes to master.

Projects that will require java8 support, like the Android (via the Android bom), will continue using the 1.1.x stream of the parent and its BOMs, for maintaince, there will be - at that time - a 1.1.x branch, for JDK8, stuff, while the latest development (e.g. JDK9,10,11) will live on MASTER, once they are stable enough ...

any thoughts ? 


Matthias Wessendorf


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