MCP: Openshift template's IMAGE_TAG

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MCP: Openshift template's IMAGE_TAG

Matthias Wessendorf

the above, on master - should that always point to latest, as we develop it?

On the "release tag", it should match the actual version (e.g. 0.0.6 tag in GH, should have that as value in there") ?

I think for the release process, we should try to automate that, like the maven release plugin manages the versions (e.g. actual version VS -SNAPSHOT versions)

let's do a "mcp target" on the makefile:
* as an improvement, the target should change the "latest" to the value of the given TAG (w/ some 'sed' fu)
* commit the change (to local master/release branch)
* at the end: create a git tag, and push it
* finally, change the value in the template back to "latest" (sed fu reloaded). and commit to master  

that way, we do not loose any commits, and things are fairly automated, with our Makefile

Any thoughts?


Project lead

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