MCP PoC - Sprint 5 Goals (and a brief recap on Sprint 4)

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MCP PoC - Sprint 5 Goals (and a brief recap on Sprint 4)

Jason Madigan
Hi folks,

Just a quick email to let everyone know what goals we've got for Sprint 5 on the Mobile Control Panel PoC. We finish Sprint 4 up a little early, when we decided that for our PoC, AeroGear Digger integration up to Android Debug builds was arguably enough (Digger's a pretty known quantity, and we can pick up where we left off later), and we can shift focus to some of our other PoC integration goals now.

Next in line is 3scale integration - we're looking at establishing a steel-thread integration similar to KeyCloak and AeroGear Digger (e.g. an APB, provisioning via the service catalog, and some demonstration of integration with other services). We're looking into 3scale apicast fronting Sync and KeyCloak as a goal. There's also a small mini-goal to create an APB (ansible-playbook) for Sync also, to standardise on using APBs for provisioning (since we feel it works well).

There will be some demos from Sprint 4 later this week from Aiden, demonstrating our new Digger integration with MCP.

From here on out, we'll send emails to the list at sprint boundaries (e.g. the Reviews and after Planning).

Thanks everyone,

- Jason

Jason Madigan
Engineering Manager, Red Hat Mobile

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