Raincatcher & Sync Horizontal Scaling Sprint Report

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Raincatcher & Sync Horizontal Scaling Sprint Report

David Martin
Hi everyone,

Here's an update on changes to the $fh.sync API to support horizontal scaling, and load testing around Sync & Raincatcher.
* fh-mbaas-api work for sync horizontal scaling is in progress, but functionally almost there. To see ongoing changes or to get an early try of it, see [0]
* we're actively re-running load tests and comparing with the current sync implementation, and plan to have something more formal to shout about soon
* Raincatcher load testing is oh so close to kicking off (getting some pre-reqs lined up first). Raincatcher leverages the $fh.sync API heavily, so there's a lot of crossover with the $fh.sync load testing we're doing. 

For the next sprint the plan is to focus on:
* ironing out issues with the new sync changes
* adding a $fh.statsd integration to the new sync changes (so you can get insights into sync load via the studio)
* re-running more sync load tests to better understand how a developer can make scaling decisions
* getting some initial numbers from Raincatcher load testing

The sprint report in Jira is available at [1].
If you wish to know more, check out the sprint board [2], or reach out on the mailing lists or IRC.

David Martin
Red Hat Mobile
Twitter: @irldavem
IRC: @irldavem (feedhenry, mobile-internal)

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